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The freedom of choice belongs to you

Why choose Qmenu?

Personalized Experience

Qmenu offers a personalized experience to each customer. The needs and preferences of customers may vary, so we work hard to provide tailored solutions for them.

Comfort and Simplicity

QMenu offers a simple and convenient online experience. With just a few clicks, users can quickly navigate through the catalog and place orders hassle-free.

Unlimited Listings

Enjoy the ability to upload an unlimited number of products to our platform. Whether you have a small shop or a growing business.

Discover the Simplicity of the Process

How it works



Register your business and create an account in just a few simple steps to get started.


Complete profile

Add your products to the app by filling in the relevant details and specifications.


Use it

Once the products are uploaded, generate QR code and place them strategically within the premises.

Answers to the Most Common Questions


You can update the menu and prices in your QMenu account by accessing the "Menu" section, then "Manage Menu." Here, you can add, edit, or delete products and update prices according to your preferences.

Implementing QMenu involves registering the business, uploading products to the platform, configuring payment and delivery options, and promoting the service to customers.

QMenu offers various pricing plans tailored to different business needs, including free plans and premium plans with extended features and dedicated support.

QMenu can contribute to increasing sales by simplifying the ordering process for customers, enhancing the marketing of offers and promotions, and providing an additional online sales channel.

QMenu provides small and medium businesses with an affordable means to digitize their services, reach a larger customer base, and streamline ordering and delivery processes.

Businesses using QMenu have extensive customization options, including the ability to tailor their menu, offer personalized deals, and manage customer preferences.

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